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Tracking Phone Leads and Sales

Close More Sales From the Web

Now you can take online ROI measurement of telephone leads to a new level. With our Dynamic Number Replacement technology, we can seamlessly change phone numbers on your web pages in real time and track the calls, giving you the ability to measure which search engines, keywords or salespeople are performing the best.

Our reporting system enables you to measure the effectiveness of every online ad and keyword. Now you can compare ad placements, terms, copy, search engines and sales force performance with real time data. You even have the option to listen to recorded calls (subject to legal restrictions).

Advanced Rules Based Routing

With advanced rules based routing of phone calls, you can not only track phone calls, but direct them where you want to improve sales performance. Here are a few examples:

You would like the number to ring to the office first, but after 3 or 4 rings with no answer, you want the call to route to another phone number.

You have a select few topnotch sales people you want the call to go to.

You have a group of salespeople and would like the calls to be distributed evenly.

We can set up an unlimited amount of rules and give them priorities. Calls can be assigned equal priority, evenly distributing calls to your sales team list. Or, you may have your calls distributed unevenly. For example:

  • Salesperson 1 gets 40% of the calls
  • Salesperson 2 gets 30% of the calls
  • Salesperson 3 gets 20% of the calls
  • Salesperson 4 gets 10% of the calls

We also have extension based routing so calls can be tracked to “dial one for sales, 2 for service”.

Call 866-506-1923 to find out more about how phone call tracking with dynamic number replacement can help you integrate marketing and sales. If you prefer, you can submit a request online.