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Web Marketing Analysis

  • Is traffic to your website slumping?
  • Do visitors view your home page for a few seconds, never to return?
  • Is your customer taking the wrong action or none at all?
  • Are your competitors ranking higher on Google?

Websites either help businesses or get in the way. There’s only one way to improve the bottom line:

Get a clear and objective understanding of your website’s performance and know how you stack up compared to your competitors.

Getting more traffic to your website and converting visitors into leads of customers is more complex than ever. These days, it takes more expertise than your business likely has on staff.

The Green Internet Group can help.

With years of experience in web-based business marketing, web design, web analytics and technical analysis, we show you how to maximize profit from your online presence.

From lead generation to driving online/offline sales, the Green Internet Group helps you reach your company’s marketing objectives. Our team examines every aspect of your online presence. From search engine optimization to hard data capture to user experience—our audit gives you the information you need to increase your online visibility and your marketing and sales effectiveness. From your customers’ behavior on your page all the way to your place of business, your audit includes reports on:

User Experience.

  • Messaging
  • Navigation
  • Click paths
  • Mobile device rendering
  • Site speed

Search Engine Performance.

  • Keyword ranking report
  • On-page and off-page optimization factors
  • Content indexed
  • How Search engines view your website
  • Quantity and quality of external links
  • Technical issues impeding your search engine visibility

Competitive Analysis.

  • Search engine ranking comparison
  • Design comparison
  • Conversion factors
  • Features
  • Messaging

Social Media and Online Reputation Evaluation.

  • Reviews/mentions of your brand, product, or personnel
  • Unauthorized Facebook profiles and Twitter

Get the facts on your online performance and boost your visibility and conversions today with a Green Internet Group Audit.

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